Various Artists - Spiritual Jazz 13: Now Part Two

Various Artists - Spiritual Jazz 13: Now Part Two

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Format 2LP
Label Jazzman
Catalogue Number JMANLP127

The first 12 volumes of our hugely popular Spiritual Jazz series have unearthed a wealth of historic recordings in the genre, collating a variety of works from the ‘50s to the ‘80s by artists from all around the world.

And so, with Volume 13, we turn our attention to what’s happening NOW.

Over the course of 24 tracks and spanning 2 x 2LPs, we present an overview of the contemporary exponents of Spiritual Jazz; musicians who are intent on bringing something personal to the table, as much as they recognize the importance of those who have paved the way for them. We feature music recorded within the past 20 years and from 15 different countries, including modern classics from veterans Steve Reid and Idris Ackamoor, providing a vital link between the past masters and the enlightened new generation.

It’s pioneers such as John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders et al, with their innovations in reaching another plane of consciousness that was and remains uppermost in the minds of exponents of Spiritual Jazz. Fittingly, several of the artists featured on this compilation, such as Cat Toren and David Boykin, are practitioners of the art of music therapy and sound healing, and have absolute conviction in the role of song as solace. The pioneers may no longer be with us, but their saintly selves loom large, shining a light in the darkness, inspiring many a brave new disciple today, as this album will testify: the new wave of jazz is gathering pace and still sounds fresh, vibrant and as relevant as ever.


1. The Cosmic Range - Palms to Heaven 09:24
2. Vibration Black Finger - Empty Streets 07:10
3. Abeeku - Slow Sweet Burn 02:39
4. Wildflower - Flute Song 04:39
5. The Pyramids - Memory Ritual 06:34
6. Steve Reid - For Coltrane 08:04
7. Carla Marciano - Trane's Groove 08:24
8. Angel Bat Dawid - What do I tell my children who are black (Dr. Margaret Burroughs) 03:21
9. Menagerie - Nova 05:46
10. Teemu Akerblom - Avo's Tune 06:52
11. The Jamie Saft Quartet - Vessels 05:25
12. Jonas Kullhammar - Paris 07:57