Various Artists - Borga Revolution Vol. 2

Various Artists - Borga Revolution Vol. 2

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Release Date: 10/03/2023
Format: 2LP
Label: Kalita Records
Catalogue Number: KALITALP10

Kalita are proud to unveil the second volume in their ‘Borga Revolution!’ compilation series, focussing on the phenomenon of ‘Burger Highlife’, a crossover of West African melodies with synthesizers, disco and boogie that took over Ghanaian airwaves during the 1980’s and beyond. Featuring both highly sought-after recordings by artists including Atta Frimpong and D.J. Lawyer Okyere, as well as seminal performances by greats such as Pat Thomas, A.B. Crentsil and Alan Cosmos, Kalita once again come to the rescue of audiophiles, DJs and music-lovers alike with ‘Borga Revolution! – Volume 2’. Spread over a double-LP housed in a gatefold sleeve. Accompanied by a 12-page booklet featuring extensive interview-based liner notes on each artist and never-before-seen archival photos.

The 1970s had witnessed an increased Western airtime and physical presence in Ghana introducing funk, soul and disco sounds to the region. By the turn of the decade the country was also enduring economic turmoil, with rising poverty, military dictatorships and long periods of enforced curfews (amongst other factors) making it impossible for artists to survive.

As a result, many Ghanaian artists with a broader outlook began to pursue their careers in the West, moving to both Europe and America in search of stardom. It was here that Ghanaian musicians developed a digitised version of highlife music which fully embraced Western contemporary music styles and newly introduced technology such as the DX7 synthesizer and various drum machines.

It is in this context in which the evolution of Ghanaian dance music and the emergence of ‘burger highlife’ was born. With the ‘Borga Revolution!’ series Kalita endeavour to tell this story, with prominent and lesser-known musicians’ accounts and documentary evidence providing a comprehensive understanding of this shift to the digital age.


A1. Atta Frimpong - Bepo So Dua
A2. Alan Cosmos And His Bam-Baara Soundz - Soca For Your Pleasure
A3. A.B. Crentsil - Mama Dwen Meho
B1. D.J. Lawyer Okyere - Ohia Kan Nye Ya (Medley)
B2. Alan Cosmos And His Bam-Baara Soundz - Onua Gyae
B3. Pope Flyne Ackah - I Think You Are Right (Jepense Que Tu A Raison)
C1. Atta Frimpong - Yaako
C2. Pat Thomas - Obae
C3. Mawuli Decker - Mawu Nafako Nam
D1. Nana Aboagye Da-Costa - Sikyi (Medley)
D2. Alan Cosmos And His Bam-Baara Soundz - Yebi/Fontonfrom