Trees ‎– Trees (50th Anniversary Edition)
Trees ‎– Trees (50th Anniversary Edition)
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Trees ‎– Trees (50th Anniversary Edition)

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Format: 4LP Box Set
Label: Earth
Catalogue Number: EARTHLP043

Repress of last years sold out box set. Ltd edition 4 X 140g LP – Box set, 24pp booklet, DL card. Ltd edition. Trees classic albums, beautifully packaged as a four-disc anniversary edition includes 12” book with liner notes from founder member David Costa and comedian Stewart Lee - Features two new discs of alternate mixes, early demos, BBC session tracks and 2018 live recordings in London - Includes lost demos of ‘Polly On The Shore’ and ‘Streets Of Derry’.

It’s now over fifty years since Trees’ formation and, although ‘Acid Folk’ has now become a sub-category in the lexicon of record dealers and music critics, and although founder member David Costa feels the original noughties reissue helped consolidate a gathering wave of curiosity, they themselves remain in the shadows. Earth’s new Trees collection brings together both albums adding shiny alternate mixes of key tracks along with a selection of radio sessions and demos, all sounding brighter and cleaner than ever before.

Trees first album, ‘The Garden of Jane Delawney’ (1970) snuggles nicely into contemporary nu-folkies’ idea of the genre, and shares some of the pastoral-whimsy that characterised The Incredible String Band or Donovan, offset by some stunning interpretations of traditional material and Bias’ own songs, which were somehow part of the tradition Trees had adopted. Readings of ‘Lady Margaret’, ‘Glasgerion’ and the old standard ‘She Moved Thro’ The Fair’, and the extended fade of the group’s own ‘Road’, presage the explosive instrumental duelling that would come to characterise the follow up album, ‘On The Shore’. There’s a definite shift between the records, the second being darker and more ambivalent. Here Trees don’t tell you what to think. You’re left to formulate your own response to this odd, opaque music. The ‘Streets of Derry’ session version leans into the brain vibrating drone-groove they somehow found at the traditional tune’s centre. ‘Polly On The Shore’, another traditional tune, is one of the definitive moments of English folk rock.

This special expansive collector’s edition celebrates the bands 50th anniversary. “A beautiful hybrid, Trees found a unique space between intimate folk and freewheeling psychedelia. Musically ambitious yet brilliantly balanced, they have left an enduring legacy for those lucky enough to be in on the secret” Edd Gibson, Friendly Fires…

“50th anniversary frenzy for psychedelic folk voyagers .. earthy, adventurous, loud” ★★★★Uncut-Reissue Of The Month

“Spectacular” Uncut - Reissues Of 2020

“This gorgeous sounding reissue completes the band’s story while the music’s arcane power remains intact” 

“An essential compendium for a fantastic band” 
★★★★★ Record Collector

“When we are talking about psych folk or acid folk, we are really talking about music like this by Trees.. beautiful 4-disc anniversary edition from Earth Recordings” Stuart Maconie, BBC6 Music


“Timeless” Prog

“Trees stood at the musical midway point between England’s mystical, pagan past and the electric sounds celebrated at Glastonbury.” Bandcamp

“It’s the two original albums that stand as pinnacles of form” Wire


The Garden Of Jane Delawney
A1 Nothing Special 4:31
A2 The Great Silkie 5:13
A3 The Garden Of Jane Delawney 4:05
A4 Lady Margaret 7:12
B1 Glasgerion 5:17
B2 She Moved Thro' The Fair 8:11
B3 Road 4:37
B4 Epitaph 3:24
B5 Snail's Lament 4:39
On The Shore
C1 Soldiers Three 1:50
C2 Murdoch 5:09
C3 Streets Of Derry 7:34
C4 Sally Free And Easy 10:08
D1 Fool 5:22
D2 Adam's Toon 1:12
D3 Geordie 5:05
D4 While The Iron Is Hot 3:20
D5 Little Sadie 3:10
D6 Polly On The Shore 6:09
Fore & After (Pt. 1)
E1 Soldiers Three (Remix 2007) 1:51
E2 Murdoch (Remix 2007) 6:36
E3 Streets Of Derry (Remix 2007) 7:35
E4 Geordie (Remix 2007) 5:10
F1 Polly On The Shore (Remix 2007) 6:11
F2 Fool (Remix 2007) 5:26
F3 Polly On The Shore 8 (Demo 1970) 5:45
F4 Streets Of Derry (Demo 1970) 6:12
Fore & After (Pt. 2)
G1 She Moved Thro' The Fair (Demo 1969) 5:28
G2 Pretty Polly (Demo 1969) 4:54
G3 The Great Silkie (BBC 1970) 6:51
G4 Soldiers Three (BBC 1970) 1:42
G5 Little Black Cloud (Demo 1969) 2:16
G6 Forest Fire (BBC 1970) 4:09
H1 She Moved Thro' The Fair (Live At Cafe Oto 2018) 9:28
H2 Murdoch (Live At Cafe Oto 2018) 5:45
H3 Black Widow (2007) 3:24
H4 Little Black Cloud Suite (2007) 1:40