The Sound - Jeopardy

The Sound - Jeopardy

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Release Date: 13/09/2024
Format: LP White
Label: Rhino
Catalogue Number: 5021732340719


In November of 1980, post-punk legends The Sound released their debut album Jeopardy, a critically acclaimed yet often overlooked record compared to other releases in the musical soundscape of the early 80s. The Sound, which initially evolved from punk group The Outsiders, is a band that many musicians and many devoted fans alike consider to be one of the most underrated post-punk bands of all time. They sadly never had a huge following relative to their creative output despite being championed by famous Radio DJ John Peel, and Korova label mates Echo and The Bunnymen, as well as touring with The Comsat Angels.

On a limited edition 1LP White vinyl reissue,

On April 26, 2024 it will be exactly 25 years since Adrian Borland of The Sound passed away. We are commemorating this by organizing a special event at Poppodium Boerderij together with the Opposite Direction Foundation on this day. With a book presentation, film, concert and exhibition. It was December 5, 1987 that Adrian Borland walked off the stage halfway through the concert of The Sound at De Boerderij. It would later turn
out that this had been The Sound's last concert. Adrian then made five more solo albums, but unfortunately his illness always slumbered in the background and on April 26, 1999 he decided to end his life.


1. I Can’t Escape Myself
2. Heartland
3. Hour of Need
4. Words Fail Me
5. Missiles
6. Heyday
7. Jeopardy
8. Night Versus Day
9. Resistance
10. Unwritten Law
11. Desire