The Near Jazz Experience Featuring Mike Garson - Character Actor

The Near Jazz Experience Featuring Mike Garson - Character Actor

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Release Date 20/04/2024
Format LP 
Label sartorial records
Catalogue Number FIT095EP

alternative jazz - this is a 5 track ep of brand new, previously unreleased material from the near jazz experience (terry edwards, mark bedford and simon charterton).

whilst recording the new album terry asked pianist mike garson (best known for his work with david bowie, nine inch nails, smashing pumpkins) - whom terry has toured with if he'd like to play on a track. mike said yes, recorded a stupendous solo for character actor at his home studio and sent it over. all in the space of 24 hours! on hearing the piano part nje bassist mark bedford came up with the idea of having the piano mixed with the original track (as intended) but also using it as the basis for a completely new recording with the piano leading rather than complementing the band. side 1 of the ep has these two very different versions from the same seed. unidentical twins indeed. side 2 of the ep contains 4 outliers from the album sessions. these aren't out-takes or unfinished pieces. they simply couldn't find a place for themselves within the album - along the lines of the tunes tom waits put together for his orphans compilation of 2006. they are standalone tunes which have found a home together on this ep because in some way they all have filmic qualities. side 1 contains 2 takes on character actor (the title being a nod to cracked actor, a tune on aladdin sane, the album that introduced bowie fans to mike garson), and side 2 has the loping four; projector; macguffin and lockstep, all titles which contain strong cinematic elements, macguffin in particular. it was alfred hitchcock's favourite word for a red herring in the plot. the musical cast on this release has a remarkable pedigree. the nje consists of terry edwards (solo artist and session player with pj harvey, franz ferdinand, siouxsie, jimi tenor, piroshka, tindersticks etc); mark bedford (madness, robert wyatt, robyn hitchcock, nightingales etc); simon charterton (the higsons, alex harvey, zook, serious drinking etc). alongside featured guest mike garson there is an appearance by oliver cherer (aircooled, miki berenyi band) on keys and synth. this is an rsd exclusive, 500 copies on black vinyl in full colour sleeve which reflects the filmic quality of the recorded material. no download. the title track will appear on the next near jazz experience studio album. the 4 additional tracks, however, will remain exclusive to record store day.


  1. character actor Overture
  2. character actor Main Title
  3. the loping four
  4. projector
  5. macguffin
  6. lockstep