Tallah - Overconfidence / Overconfidence (Teru from Crossfaith Remix)

Tallah - Overconfidence / Overconfidence (Teru from Crossfaith Remix)

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Release Date 12/06/2021
Format 7"
Label Earache Records
Catalogue Number MOSH643

2020 saw the release of nu-core outfit Tallah’s debut album ‘Matriphagy’ - an album of heavy colossus that journeys through the dark and macabre and saw worldwide press praise for its fresh take on nu-core. This exclusive release will see fan-favourite track “Overconfidence” (originally premiered via the mighty backed with a striking remix created by Teru of Japan’s globally renowned electronicore band Crossfaith.

“We’re really humbled at how much Crossfaith appreciated our music enough to remix it. They definitely brought their own raw energy into it and gave it some new life. We totally encourage anyone who is into our stuff to have fun with it and make it unique to how it speaks to you,” say Tallah.

“This is a new chaos. I was captivated by how dramatically insane “Overconfidence” was when I listened to it for the first time,” says Teru of working on the remix. “Listen to this song until you get musically overdosed.”

With a UK #21 Rock & Metal album and US #14 Hard Music Album achieved with ‘Matriphagy’, Tallah have been recognised as leaders in the nu-metal revival that is due to sweep the metal scene from 2020 onwards. Limited to 1,000 worldwide and pressed onto sleek transparent red vinyl housed in an Earache Records branded clear bag, this special release is a must-have for metalheads the world over, with Earache Records having been home to pioneering metal bands such as Morbid Angel, Napalm Death and At The Gates.