Prolapse - Pointless Walks To Dismal Places

Prolapse - Pointless Walks To Dismal Places

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Release Date: 07/10/2022
Format: 2LP Burgundy Vinyl
Label: Cherry Red
Catalogue Number: OPT4046

Features the original LP plus a bonus disc with the Cherry Red E.P tracks, plus a 16-page booklet containing photos, reviews, and sleevenotes from Mick Derrick, Steve Mack & John Robb.

Combining a metronomic krautrock beat played by a monster drummer, looping guitars and a boy/girl vocal that sounded like a bickering bed-sit argument turned into song, Prolapse had all the manic intensity of a nervous breakdown set against a backdrop of inventive guitar work and a really tough rhythm section. There were hints of the Fall, krautrock, PiL and a touch of the pure golden pop of Blondie along with the sense of restless dislocation shared by many of the post-punk bands.

Prolapse arrived in the middle of the Britpop era and their tense, almost neurotic music clashed with the stadium-filling, jolly knees- up pop that dominated the indie mainstream of the time. By 1996 indie had become the mainstream in terms of record sales and sound and was strutting around at the opposite end of the cultural spectrum to the indie bands of the Eighties and their war against popular culture. Late arrivals Prolapse were the last gasp of this genuine independence.


A1 Serpico
A2 Headless In A Beat Motel
A3 Surreal Madrid
A4 Doorstop Rhythmic Bloc
A5 Burgundy Spine
B1 Black Death Ambulance
B2 Chill Blown
B3 Hungarian Suicide Song
B4 Tina This Is Matthew Stone
C1 Psychotic Now
C2 P.D.F.
C3 Screws
C4 Kilometrica Banca
D1 Pull Thru Barker
D2 Dirge
D3 They Slept In Darkness
D4 E.O.P.O.
D5 Pile Tent