Max Richter - Invasion (Music from the Original TV Series: Season 1)

Max Richter - Invasion (Music from the Original TV Series: Season 1)

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Release Date: 29/04/2022
Format: 2LP 
Label: Decca
Catalogue Number: 3898469

Max Richter provides the stellar score for Apple TV+ series Invasion.

“A big part of any scoring project is the process of discovering the musical language that feels like it emanates from the world of the show, like it belongs only to that world, and feels inevitably bound to it. In the case of Invasion, with its multiple interlocking storylines and broad emotional canvas, I needed to invent several musical worlds, and this meant multiple toolkits. I used the orchestra in its traditional setup, but also subverted electronically, I used a variety of different vintage synthesisers and processing tools, as well as solo piano and cello as my main colours. The multidimensionality of Invasion is reflected in the eclecticism of the score, which ranges from a directly emotional approach to thunderous and completely abstract brutalism, echoing the psychological dynamics of the show.” – Max Richter


LP1 - Side A
1 Invasion Main Title
2 And At This Frequency
3 Permanently Retired
4 JASA Launch
5 Stranded
6 Missing Hinata
7 Carry Chavez Out
8 What Do We Do

LP1 - Side B
1 It’s The Hoshi-12
2 Hinata’s Room
3 Emergency Signal
4 Quiet As A Mouse
5 Cleared To Leave
6 Aneesha’s Kiss

LP2 - Side A
1 Vastness of Space
2 Hinata Was Her
3 Coming For Casper
4 Listen To Your Voice
5 Inside The Hive Mind

LP2 - Side B
1 President’s Address
2 It Was You
3 Here For You
4 Your Crew Is Dead
5 You’re Full Of Stars