Luar Domatrix - Nova Vida Passada

Luar Domatrix - Nova Vida Passada

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Release Date  29/06/2020
Format LP
Label Domestic Exile
Cat No. DEX006

Domestic Exile returns with the debut LP by Portuguese artist Luar Domatrix. LD has previously operated as 1/2 of Lisbon duo Yong Yong on Akashic Records and Night School, reworked traditional Portuguese workers songs for Discrepant Records, and released other solo material on Sucata Tapes, 12th Isle and Offshore Drilling Limited.

Recorded between Lisbon and Glasgow, track 08 from the record 'I'll Fly With You' has featured on The Wire magazine’s Below The Radar 33 compilation as well as being supported by the likes of Jon K, Debonair, SIREN, Latete Atoto, SUE ZUKI and Body Motion on their respected NTS Radio shows. Bokeh Versions on Noods Radio and Vaj Power on Subcity Radio.

‘Nova Vida Passada’, which translated from Portugese means ‘New Past Life’, surveys the progressive expressions, technological innovations and futuristic aesthetics of late 90's & early 00's R&B, Hip Hop and Pop culture. NVP explores the way in which visionary songs of that nature can demonstrate being intimate and lavish but at the same time anonymous, intangible, enigmatic & metaphysical. Luminescent, glacial synthesisers merge with syncopated, multi-layered accelerated metallic percussion. Ebullient rhythms conjure up flourishing, intricate fractal patterns whilst euphoric, fragmented vocal edits gaze into a dazzling, psychedelic, precious crystal opal gemstone. How the moral sensibility of music is ever changing with the passage of time and propositions the listener to reflect upon the dynamics, ethics and desires of a generation. What does the ‘90s’ spirit epitomise? Music videos with abstract ice particle brick walls, gravitational fields, silver pagers, holographic iridescent spaceships, moral dilemmas and aluminium cyborg feelings. Pop music reverberating loud in a sci-fi celestial club in the distant future. Channels the same energies as Equiknoxx, NAAFI, Hakuna Kulala, BFDM and fellow Lisboners Principe.


1. Ponte Pedestre
2. Sense Of Style 
3. FTM 
4. Angelito 
5. Mil Busy Babies 
6. Ana Towers 
7. Poema 
8. I'll Fly With You