Lee Hazlewood - 13 (Deluxe Edition)
Lee Hazlewood - 13 (Deluxe Edition)
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Lee Hazlewood - 13 (Deluxe Edition)

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Release Date 08/12/2023
Format 2LP Black
Label Light In The Attic
Catalogue Number LITA142DLX

“Pimps… whores… pushers… dopers… gangsters… and bottom of the human chain shit-heels. Now you’re probably thinking I’m writing about major record companies and their unscrupulous executives… and lawyers. You could be right… but this time… YOU’RE WRONG! I’m describing the characters in my album ‘13’ …Some I knew… some I invented … some are true… some are false… some I liked… some I didn’t. But they all had a story to tell and I told it…none of ‘em seem to care… and I don’t either… have fun…" - Lee Hazlewood

“He (Lee) took my voice off the album and put his voice on the album. Now don’t forget these were in my keys, it was my charts, it was my everything. Lee Hazlewood was not even remotely going to be considered as an artist for this album and that’s the way he wanted it.” - Larry Marks

The album 13 was never supposed to be a Lee Hazlewood album. It is perhaps the strangest record in one of the most varied discographies in music. The Bombastic brass heavy funk, deep blues and soul paired with Hazlewood’s subterranean baritone would be best enjoyed with a tall Chivas in an off-strip seedy Vegas lounge. By 1972 Lee Hazlewood had settled in his new homeland of Sweden. His days were spent carousing, making movies with Torbjӧrn Axelman and releasing albums. To keep up his prolific recorded output, Lee began to mine the recently defunct LHI Records archives for material. One such gem, was an unreleased album by Larry Marks (LHI producer, artist and the voice of the first Scooby-Doo theme). Larry’s concept was to take Hazlewood’s strongest compositions and arrange them in a soul vibe. An album was completed, but with no distribution in America and no funding, Lee had no vehicle to release Larry’s record. The tapes were taken to Sweden, Larry’s voice was wiped and Hazlewood’s was dubbed… 13 was born.


1 You Look Like A Lady
2 Tulsa Sunday
3 Ten Or 11 Towns Ago
4 Toocie And The River
5 She Comes Running
6 Rosacoke Street
7 I Move Around
8 And I Loved You Then
9 Hej, Me I'm Riding
10 Cold Hard Times
11 Drums
12 The Start
13 Suzie
14 You Look Like A Lady (demo)
15 Tulsa Sunday (demo)
16 Ten or 11 Towns Ago (demo)
17 Toocee and the River (demo)
18 And I Loved Her Then (demo)
19 I'm Riding (demo)
20 Cold Hard Times (demo)
21 Miracle on 19th Street (demo)
22 Peppermint Morning (demo)
23 You Look Like A Lady - Larry Marks
24 Tulsa Sunday - Larry Marks
25 Ten or 11 Towns Ago - Larry Marks
26 She Comes Running - Larry Marks
27 Rosacoke Street - Larry Marks
28 I Move Around - Larry Marks
29 And I Loved You Then - Larry Marks
30 Hej, Me I'm Riding - Larry Marks