Griff - Vertigo
Griff - Vertigo
Griff - Vertigo
Griff - Vertigo
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Griff - Vertigo

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Release Date 19/07/2024
Format LP Indies Clear/
LP Limited Green/
Label Warner
Catalogue Number 5054197919978/

Griff has announced her 14 track debut album vertigo, which will be released on Warner Music on July 19th. The physical versions of the album include an exclusive live version of ‘So Fast’, recorded at her sold-out Earth Hackney show last year. 

Griff has also confirmed a run of global dates continuing her vertigo world tour which includes a London show at Alexandra Palace on November 13th.Before Griff’s debut album had a name - or its titular first single, even - it had a feeling: vertigo.

That pit-of-your-stomach, up-is-down sense that the world is spinning faster than you can keep up with, and your own place in it has never felt less secure. It’s a journey of self-discovery that Griff has taken fans on ever since, building the three volumes of her landmark project in real-time and weaving songs that resonated with the vertigo arc into work that moves through melancholy and heartache into healing and joy. A coming-of-age album shaped for complex times, vertigo witnesses Griff scaling new creative heights without compromising the hand-stitched, home-made magic that first marked her out as British Pop’s most modern, exciting voice.

With a 360-approach on everything from production, fashion and design to the spiral motif long connecting vertigo in plain sight - right down to her signature hair style - Griff’s debut album turns the tumultuousness of young adulthood into a source of power. Latest single ‘Miss Me Too’ is a euphoric, existential banger about the little-discussed irony of losing confidence as you supposedly grow older and wiser, and was accompanied by a beautifully choreographed video physically exorcizing such emotions. Throughout the record, the BRITs Rising Star winner draws on her sideways origin-story, from her unorthodox Chinese-Jamaican outsider-status growing up to launching an international music career from the confines of her bedroom. That tenacious, no-nonsense talent always wise beyond her years also sounds - crucially - like she is living: free of expectation, and moving through a world in which there is no one way to make your debut album or to be yourself.

Introducing the record, Griff comments: “the album is about vertigo as an emotion and the dizziness and upside down feeling of heartache. I wanted to drop this project in parts from insular low feelings (Vol.1) to desperate euphoria (Vol.2) and with volume three, the full story.”


1. Vertigo
2. Miss Me Too
3. Into The Walls
4. 19th Hour
5. Astronaut
6. Anything
7. Pillow In My Arms
8. Cycles
9. Tears For Fun
10. Hiding Alone
11. Hole In My Pocket
12. Everlasting
13. So Fast (Live in London
14. Where Did You Go