Gilad Hekselman - Far Star

Gilad Hekselman - Far Star

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Release Date 13/05/2022
Format LP
Label Edition Records
Catalogue Number EDNLP1201

The adventurous and progressive guitarist and composer Gilad Hekselman releases new album ‘Far Star,’ featuring guests including Shai Maestro, Eric Harland, Ziv Ravitz, Nomok & Amir Bresler.

Far Star is the new album from Israeli-born and New York based guitarist Gilad Hekselman – a work that explores a new universe rich in colour, limitless in detail and bold in vision. Based for more than 18 years in New York, Gilad has become a well known figure in that highly creative scene, building a unique sound that is both progressive and timeless. With a new approach to music making that has as much to do with the enforced constraints of the pandemic as with any artistic decision, Gilad has produced something that is simply breathtaking. The music has a boldness and simplicity, it’s progressive yet accessible; ultimately it’s a modern and adventurous album with an abundance of detail that offers reward after reward at every listen. From the opening infectious whistle you know you’re going to be taken on a journey of discovery. It connects on all fronts, emotionally and intellectually, ebbing and flowing into wide-view cinematic and progressive Jazz goodness. It is, without question, a remarkable album from a remarkable artist.

“At the start of 2020, I returned from 3 months with my family in Southeast Asia with piles of new music ready to be played with real people. Then the pandemic hit, and suddenly all I was left with for making this music come to life were my instruments, mics and computer. Like everyone else, I didn’t know how long this was going to last, so I started a folder on my computer called ‘Song Demos’ with every hope that I would soon be sending the tracks to my band when it came time to make a new record. Weeks turned into months: I watched hundreds of tutorials, took sound engineering lessons and consulted with my producer friends. After thousands of hours of work, I finished what I called Far Star”.

The adaptation of process, and the artistic response to this, caused by the pandemic resulted in a different, more adventurous sound than appeared in Gilad’s previous albums. It was this ability to go deeper into the detail of the music, to explore new ways of communicating and building the music that opened up more possibilities; “Far Star is about my ability to travel with my imagination to far sonic galaxies, all from the insides of a room. The music, worked on during a pandemic, somehow leaves me with memories of great freedom and liberation through what was clearly a very constricting time in our lives.”

1. Long Way From Home (feat. Eric Harland) 
2. Fast Moving Century (feat. Shai Maestro & Eric Harland) 
3. I Didn't Know 
4. Far Star 
5. Magic Chord (feat. Eric Harland) 
6. Cycles 
7. The Headrocker (feat. Nomok & Amir Bresler) 
8. Rebirth (feat. Ziv Ravitz)