Bria - Cuntry Covers Vol. 1

Bria - Cuntry Covers Vol. 1

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Release Date 10/12/2021
Format LP Breeze Blue Vinyl 
Label Sub Pop
Catalogue Number SP1456

Green Rocky Road as performed by Karen Dalton from the album entitled 1966 released in 2012 by Delmore Recording Society based out of Nashville Tennessee. Originally composed by Len Chandler adapted from a version by poet Bob Kaufman who learned a rendition as child in New Orleans, Louisiana. The version Kaufman knew as a child was a traditional accompaniment to a children’s ring game sung by black children of the south. Karen Dalton recorded two versions of the song, one from the album with the same name released in 2008 with additional instrumentation. The other appears on the record mentioned above, which is a possible acoustic demo version, which this cover is inspired from.

Dreaming My Dreams With You as performed by Waylon Jennings from the album titled Dreaming My Dreams released in 1975 by RCA Victor recorded in Nashville Tennessee. Originally written by Allen Reynolds who cut the first version of the song in 1974 at Jack Tracks Studio owned by legendary producer, Jack Clement. On September 3rd 1974, Waylon Jennings would record his version of the song in a single take. Waylon’s drug use was heavy at the time, fuellng his paranoia. Jennings speaks about walking out during the session because he felt his wife, Jessi Colter and Clements wife Sharon were ‘distracting’ Clement in the control room during the recording. This resulted in the somewhat abrupt fade out of the song, as they were never able to recapture the initial feeling of the first take in subsequent overdubbing.

Buffalo Ballet as performed by John Cale from the album entitled Fear released in 1974 by Island Records. Written by John Cale. The song takes us to Abilene Texas, situated about three hours west of Dallas, in the heart of the Texas Midwest. The FBI recognizes Abilene within the ten most dangerous places to live in West Texas. Abilene’s history isn’t too far off from the cattle town described by Cale. It was also the endpoint of the infamous Chisholm Trail. Abilene also has a mention in the song Loser by the Grateful Dead. No information has been found on whether Cale spent any such time in the city before Ballet was written. Cale himself called the song a “European version of the Old West.”

Fruits Of My Labour as performed by Lucinda Williams from the album entitled World Without Tears released in 2003 by Lost Highway. Written by Lucinda Williams. The record garnered great acclaim from critics and fans, however many people criticized Williams lyrics for being too bleak, and lacking a sweetness found in previous work. This type of reflection of a female artist’s work is not only patronizing, it’s incredibly mashioninistic. Assuming a female identifying artist has to always convey a stereotypical ‘feminie’ perspective of their subject matter is a reality that lays rooted in the world of Americana music. The darkness is tolerated in bad boy tropes of cowboys and outlaws, but we expect hopefulness in a woman over the age of fifty. One critic said he missed Williams “wounded innocence”, it’s complete shit. Williams chose cultural anthropology as her major during a brief stint at the University of Arkansas, go figure.

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore as performed by The Walker Brothers from their self titled album released in 1966 by Smash Records. Written by Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio. Taken from an interview with ABC Cinema, Plymouth in the Summer of 1966; “My biggest, sort of, pet, ugh, it’s a bitch really. Is I don’t like all the hassle you have to go through traveling, you know, to get to a place. Ok, maybe, standing on the stage and sing to two to three thousand girls go a bit insane is a bit glamorous, all it does for me is satisfy my ego. It’s taken us eight years to get where we are now, so all nerve things are gone now. We just get nervous about if we don’t give a good show, or they don’t like us. Then we get very nervous about that, that’s the only thing.”

I Don’t Wanna Love Ya Now as performed by Mistress Mary aka Mary Afton from the album entitled Housewife released in 1969 by Companion Records. Written by Mary Afton { Wife - Mother - Civic Leader - etc - Artiste }.


1. Green Rocky Road (Karen Dalton)
2. Dreaming My Dreams With You (Waylon Jennings)
3. Buffalo Ballet (John Cale)
4. Fruits of My Labour (Lucinda Williams)
5. The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore (The Walker Brothers)
6. I Don’t Wanna Love Ya Now (Mistress Mary)