Baligh Hamdi – Modal Instrumental Pop of 1970s Egypt

Baligh Hamdi – Modal Instrumental Pop of 1970s Egypt

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Release Date 26/11/2021
Format 2LP
Label Sublime Frequencies
Catalogue Number SF119LP

Sublime Frequencies finally unleashes it’s ESSENTIAL compilation from 1970’s Egypt. Modal instrumental tracks from Baligh Hamdi - one of the most important Arabic composers of the 20th Century (writing for legends Umm Kalthum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Sabah, Warda, and many others). Features his legendary group the “Diamond Orchestra” with Omar Khorshid on guitar, Magdi al-Husseini on organ, Samir Sourour on saxophone, and Faruq Salama on accordion. All of these musicians were discovered and recruited by Hamdi to interpret his vision of a modernized, hybrid Arabic music. Under Hamdi’s direction, this orchestra charted a new melodic direction and created a new musical language. This compilation is culled from a specific era of Hamdi’s long career, a decade where he fully realized an international music which incorporated beat driven Eastern tinged jazz, theremin draped orchestral noir, tracks that feature searing guitar solos from none other than Omar Khorshid, and a selection of buzzing, sitar driven, Indo-Arabic tracks establishing a meeting of mid-east and eastern psychedelic exotica, and a vision that created some of the hippest music coming out of the Middle East from the late 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s. Housed in a beautiful full-color tip-on gatefold jacket with extensive liner notes by Hisham Mayet.


01 Ghada

02 Zabour

03 The Wanderer

04 Mawal

05 Ennai

06 Mawood the Beloved Date

07 Bambah

08 Musical Introduction

09 Gazairia

10 Chaka Chiko

11 Zai Elhawa

12 Sahara

13 Hanim

14 Noussa

15 Zamane

16 Iskandarani

17 Amira

18 Salamat

19 Love Story