The Twilight Sad ‎– Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave

The Twilight Sad ‎– Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave

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Format LP Black
Label Fat Cat Records
Catalogue Number 600116513212

Following their stark nod to the heroes of an industrial past, No One Can Ever Know, The Twilight Sad has dug into their own past to form an album that’s bracing, biting and as widescreen as anything in their canon. The band, ever ambassadors of Scottish gloom, have harnessed their dark muse once again and drawn on their prowess in the live arena to track a record that proves they can translate the power of their stage show to tape.

“We spent a lot of time at home when writing this new record, we got to hang out with old friends and get back to some sort of normality, which I think really helped me clear my mind and focus in on writing these new songs,” Graham says. “I had a lot I wanted to get off my chest and I've done that with this new record.” A first listen to the album confirms everything the band has said - noisy, densely layered, and deeply melodic, it wouldn’t be out of line to say this may be their best yet. One thing’s for sure - the Twilight Sad have still got a lot of life left in them.


1. There's A Girl In The Corner
2. Last January 
3. I Could Give You All That You Don't Want 
4. It Never Was The Same 
5. Drown So I Can Watch 
6. In Nowheres 
7. Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave
8. Pills I Swallow 
9. Leave The House 
10. Sometimes I Wished I Could Fall Asleep