Takashi Kokubo & Andrea Esperti - Music For A Cosmic Garden

Takashi Kokubo & Andrea Esperti - Music For A Cosmic Garden

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Format 2LP
Label We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records
Catalogue Number WRWTFWW072

WRWTFWW Records is very happy to present a new collaborative album by Japanese ambient/environmental legend Takashi Kokubo (Ion Series) and Italian & Swiss trombonist Andrea Esperti (Esperti Project): MUSIC FOR A COSMIC GARDEN.

Recorded during the heights of the pandemic and completed in February 2021, the splendid ethereal soundscape created by Kokubo and Esperti is available in limited double LP, digipack CD, as well as digital.

Takashi KOKUBO is a Japanese environmental musician who produces healing music that gently resonates with people’s hearts. He has recorded “sound scenes from nature” in countries around the world using a binaural “CyberPhonic” microphone of his own invention, and incorporates these dimensional sounds of nature in his work. The founder of Studio Ion, he has released more than 20 albums that include the highly sought-after Ion Series. His track "A Dream Sails Out to Sea, Scene 3" was featured on Light in the Attic’s Grammy-nominated Kankyō Ongaku compilation.

Andrea ESPERTI is a Swiss trombonist and composer originally from Puglia (Italy). He plays in multiple genres (classical, pop, world, electro, jazz) in an eternal approach of exchange and encounters. He travels the world, listening to others and interacting with their cultures, crystallizing his globe-trotting emotions through music projects. More info at

For fans of environmental, ambient, cosmic escapes, meditative atmospherics, and gardening in space.


1. Travelling Through The Stars To Gaia 
2. Whales Of Sirius 
3. Cassiopeia's Lady 
4. A Calm & Elegant Utopia 
5. Gaia's Love Theme 
6. Valley Of Wind In A Cosmic Garden 
7. Melting Clocks 
8. Lights Of Alpha Centauri