Primal Scream - Live At Levitation

Primal Scream - Live At Levitation

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Release Date 28/01/2022
Format LP Limited Coloured
Label Reverberation Appreciation Society
Catalogue Number 196006782573

The Reverberation Appreciation Society is proud to announce the third entry of its Live at Levitation series with psychedelic pop legends-- Primal Scream.

The LP documents the UK legends’ LEVITATION 2015 performance and a career spanning tracklist from Primal Scream’s catalog - with 9 tracks pulling hits from landmark records Screamadelica, Give Out But Don’t Give Up, XTRMNTR and more

Over the past three and a half decades, Primal Scream have embraced everything from psychedelic pop to degenerate rock’n’roll; euphoric rave to industrial gloom. They have made records with George Clinton and Kate Moss, invited Mani of the Stone Roses and Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine into the fold, survived narcotic oblivion, personal trauma and the death of beloved guitarist Robert “Throb” Young, and captured the mood of their native England several times over. Throughout it all, they have always sounded like Primal Scream.

Primal Scream - Live at Levitation sees its release November 19 via The Reverberation Appreciation Society on vinyl and digital formats. The LP has been given deluxe treatment, with six mind melting vinyl options available exclusively through the Levitation webstore, UK/EU Vinyl Exclusives, Rough Trade Vinyl Exclusive and a very special USA feature with the annual Ten Bands One Cause charity initiative, which was founded in 2014 and includes notable past participants such as Metallica, John Prine, Run The Jewels, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sturgill Simpson, Modest Mouse, Jason Isbell, The Black Keys, and Anthrax, will be launching around National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, benefitting Red Door Community where no one faces cancer alone.


1. Jailbird 
2. Accelerator 
3. Kill All Hippies 
4. Burning Wheel 
5. Shoot Speed/Kill Light 
6. High Than The Sun 
7. Country Girl 
8. Loaded 
9. Movin' On Up