Fantasy Camp - Casual Intimacy
Fantasy Camp - Casual Intimacy
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Fantasy Camp - Casual Intimacy

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Release Date: 27/01/2023
Format: LP Red Vinyl
Label: Run For Cover / Memory Music 
Catalogue Number: MM31LPC1

Jonah David has been creating and releasing music as Fantasy Camp since 2012, when he began producing and making beat tapes at age 16 in small-town Pennsylvania. Now based in Wilkes-Barre, and 10 years older, David has built Fantasy Camp into a gothic dream pop powerhouse, celebrating his first label release with Casual Intimacy on Memory Music.

The record comprises seven tracks of bedroom-produced, universe-sized dream pop, lo-fi R&B, indie rock, and electro-pop that document the aftermath of a long-term relationship’s dissolution, and the complexities of dating outside of the parameters of traditional, long-haul partnership. Casual Intimacy captured that weirdness.

David grew up in Hamburg, Pennsylvania, and started Fantasy Camp as a faceless project to put out a massive collection of mixtapes and production work. Over the years, he built up confidence and desire for a different pace, and by 2018 started adding vocals to his work. Initially, he would record on his phone’s voice memos function and clean it up on his computer, but over the years he collected equipment to outfit a basic bedroom studio setup.

Earlier releases played within cloud rap and emo rap, but after hitting a creative wall with the genres he switched up his approach, leaning toward his love for The Radio Department, Cocteau Twins, and The Cure. 2021’s Long Way Home introduced this vision, but Casual Intimacy defines and expands it.

David wrote, recorded, and produced the album entirely in his bedroom in late 2021 over a three week stretch, and Will Yip mixed and mastered it. David’s decade-plus of home production work means that Casual Intimacy punches far above its weight for a bedroom project: it flies through rich, ethereal soundscapes, springboarding listeners from the bedroom into entire sonic worlds. 


1. blood moon
2. casual intimacy
3. wakeup!
4. adeline
5. hiraeth
6. final breath
7. the last song