Andrzej Korzyński - Secret Enigma

Andrzej Korzyński - Secret Enigma

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Release Date 29/09/2023
Format 2LP
Label Finders Keepers Records
Catalogue Number FKR055LPX

Back due to unprecedented demand, and available for the first time since the original 2012 pressing, Finders Keepers Records are proud to once again present these 22 rare
and unreleased vintage tracks from the secret vaults of one of the most enigmatic composers in 60s/70s/80s European cinema, Andrzej Korzynski.

Originally recorded in the best studios in Poland, Italy and France for experimental film, political allegories, lost television shows, sound libraries and radio - these tracks have been hidden behind the Iron Curtain on lost master tapes and film reels until now. ‘Secret Enigma’ represents the first ever dedicated anthology of this great composer’s

Originally released exactly thirty years ago, Andrzej Korzynski’s unique experiments with jazz, pop, rock, orchestral and electronic music make his name synonymous with the most praised (Andrzej Wajda) and the most provocative (Andrzej Zuławski) Polish filmmakers (counting many more in between). As an early patron of the Polish New Wave and a key exponent of the development of conceptual Polish pop music his
expansive portfolio has remained commercially unreleased and untravelled (like many of the original socialist era Polish made films) and has yet to find its deserved place next to the work of Ennio Morricone, François de Roubaix and John Barry.

Now enhanced by a renewed interest in vintage art house film and a subculture of open minded music collectors many Easter European artists, such as Krzysztof Komeda (Poland), Zdenek Liška (Czechoslovakia) and now Andrzej Korzynski, have finally begun to earn their place alongside their Central European peers.

For lovers of film music and experimental pop, this debut anthology and appraisal of Korzynski’s work is long overdue, and stylistically, probably never more relevant.


Trying To Catch A Fly
La Grabuge / Pop Theme
Agent No.1
Possession / Opetanie Five
Saved From Oblivion
Tajemnica Enigmy
W Instyucie
W Pustyni I W Pustynia
The Dziekanka Students Hostel Part II
Birchwood Landscape
Losy / Mid-Beat Theme
Third Part Of The Night Czołownica
La Grabuge 2 / Orch Pop Theme
Rosa Rosa (With Arp Life)
Bossa Nova (With Ewa Wanat)
The Dziekanka Student's Hostel 1
La Grabuge 3 / Orchestral nTheme
Losy 2 / Mid-Guitar Theme
Trying To Catch A Fly (Reprise)
Wszystko Na Sprzedaz Taniec