Various Artists - Kampire Presents: A Dancefloor in Ndola

Various Artists - Kampire Presents: A Dancefloor in Ndola

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Release Date: 02/08/2024
Format: 2LP Black/
Label: Strut
Catalogue Number: STRUT273LP/

Strut introduces a pioneering new compilation 'A Dancefloor In Ndola,' curated by revered East African DJ, Kampire. This release marks an evolution in Strut's approach to compilations, showcasing emerging DJ talent from across the world and embracing an innovative approach to musical discovery from the next wave of selectors. Forging her reputation through memorable sets for the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda over the last decade, Kampire now tours worldwide and is celebrated for her brilliantly curated sets spanning the full range of African music styles from the ‘70s and ‘80s to the present day. 
Although born in Kenya to Ugandan parents, Kampire spent her formative years in Ndola, Zambia. ‘A Dancefloor In Ndola’ is inspired by artists and songs that formed part of her soundtrack during that time. “It is important for me to continually reference Africa’s own musical history,” she explains. “At 17, I didn’t pick up on my Dad’s music but now I love and collect those records. I’m constantly referencing them in my music sets today. I love that feeling of shared nostalgia where people recognise a song they haven’t heard in a long time. It is a touchstone for me when I’m playing.” 
The compilation flows through different East African and South African genres from Congolese rumba and soukous to 1980s township bubblegum and the rich guitar-led sounds of Zambian kalindula. “There are styles of music on the compilation which are often considered unsophisticated from rural areas. I and other contemporary African artists and DJs draw inspiration from them; it is part of what makes us ourselves.” Kampire also shines the spotlight on many incredible women in African music from the ‘80s, including Congolese legends like Pembey Sheiro, Feza Shamamba and Princesse Mansia M’bila to V-Mash and Di Groovy Girls from South Africa.  
‘A Dancefloor In Ndola’ is released on 2LP and CD and features exclusive new edits by Kampire alongside personal liner notes tracing her links to the music. Cover artwork montage is by Canon Rumanzi and vinyl restoration / mastering by The Carvery 
Debut compilation by one of East Africa’s leading new generation DJs, Kampire. 
Mix of African classics and rarities spanning 1970s – 1990s from Congolese soukous, South African bubblegum and Zambian kalindula. 
Shining the spotlight on women in African music Pembey Sheiro, Feza Shamamba and Princesse Mandisa M’bila. 
Exclusive cover artwork collage by Canon Rumanzi. 
Worldwide DJ dates supporting release during Summer and Autumn 2024. 


1. Princess Aya Sarah – O Wina Tienge 
2. Meta & Feza – Mivé Temoin 
3. The African House Party Project Feat. Splash, Patricia Majalisa & Dalom Kids – P-Coq 
4. V-Mash – Naughty Boy 
5. Di Groovy Girls – Ririmi Rotsombela (Kampire Dance Edit) 
6. Tshala Muana – Djepué 
7. Lady Isa – Djambo 
8. Pembey Sheiro – Sala Ni Toto 
9. Princesse Mansia M’Bila – Ngoma Mansia 
10. Samba Mapangala And Orchestra Virunga – Mashariki 
11. International Zaistars & Nene Tshaku – Je T’Aime Au Pluriel 
12. M.D. Shirinda & Gaza Sisters – Mabazi (Kampire Dance Edit) 
13. “Bwaluka” Founders Band – Kimbera