Paul Buchanan - Mid Air

Paul Buchanan - Mid Air

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Release Date: 05/08/2022
Format: 2LP
Label: Newsroom Records
Catalogue Number: ROOMLP02

2 x 12" release on 180 gram heavyweight Vinyl plus 20 page lyric booklet.

Mid Air is an extraordinarily intimate record, its spare piano and vocal-based arrangements unfurling at a meditative pace. Thirteen of its fourteen tracks are less than three minutes long, but rest assured all life is here. Buchanan's beautifully bruised voice remains a faithful conduit of all things emotive, and Mid Air was written from a place of humility and wee-small-hours contemplation. Says Paul: "i think if i'd tried to make a record that sounds like the band i'd be quite nervous, but this is more of a record-ette. it's quite small in stature and the songs are very brief, but don't get me wrong - it kept me awake at night."

Buchanan also concedes that, in some ways, he is "continually re-writing the same song", chipping away at the themes that have absorbed him from day one. 'far above the chimney tops / take me where the bus don't stop" he sings here on 'My True Country'. Naturally, such starry-eyed sentiments will chime with fans of the Blue Nile's charmed 1983 debut, A Walk Across the Rooftops. At root, these beautifully smudged miniatures represent a still more potent distillation of all that has made Buchanan's past work so special. Mid Air - his little 'record-ette' as he calls it - is wonderfully big of heart.

Mid Air
Half The World 
Cars In The Garden 
I Remember You
Buy A Motor Car
Wedding Party 
Two Children 
Summer’s On It’s Way 
My True Country
Movie Magazine 
Fin De Siecle 
After Dark 
Have You Ever Been Lonely 
My True Country 
After Dark (Instrumental) 
Two Children (Piano version) 
Lost / Tuesday (Instrumental) 
Half The World 
Movie Magazine (Instrumental) 
Mid Air 
God Is Laughing 
Buy A Motor Car (Elegance Mix) 
Half The World (Live)