Various Artists - Lost Highway OST

Various Artists - Lost Highway OST

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Format: 2LP 
Label: Music On Vinyl
Catalogue Number: MOVATM101

Lost Highway is the 1997 French-American neo-noir-horror mystery film written and directed by David Lynch. It stars Bill Pullman as a man convicted of murdering his wife (Patricia Arquette), after which he inexplicably morphs into a young mechanic and begins a new life. The film-s score was composed by Angelo Badalamenti, with additional music by Barry Adamson, however Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails was responsible for assembling the soundtrack. David Bowie's 'I'm Deranged', Rammstein's 'Heirate Mich', Lou Reed's 'This Magic Moment', Marilyn Manson's 'Apple Of Sodom' plus more tracks from Trent Reznor, The Smashing Pumpkins all appear on the double album to accompany the Angelo Badalamenti and Barry Adamson theme music. Lost Highway premiered in 1997 in the United States on a limited theatrical release and has developed a cult following. Director David Lynch received three Academy Awards nominations, a Golden Lion award from the Venice Film Festival for lifetime achievements as well as a Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival for Wild At Heart in 1990


1    I'm Deranged - David Bowie - David Bowie
2    Videodrones; Questions - Trent Reznor, Peter Christopherson - Trent Reznor, Peter Christopherson
3    The Perfect Drug - Nine Inch Nails - Nine Inch Nails
4    Red Bats With Teeth - Angelo Badalamenti - Angelo Badalamenti
5    Haunting & Heartbreaking - Angelo Badalamenti - Angelo Badalamenti
6    Eye - Smashing Pumpkins - Smashing Pumpkins

1    Insensatez - Antonio Carlos Jobim - Angelo Badalamenti
2    Something Wicked This Way Comes - Barry Adamson - Barry Adamson
3    I Put A Spell On You - Marilyn Manson - Lou Reed
4    Fats Revisited - Angelo Badalamenti - Barry Adamson
5    Fred's World - Angelo Badalamenti - Angelo Badalamenti
6    Rammstein - Rammstein - Marilyn Manson

1    Antonio Carlos Jobim - Insensatez - Jobim, Antonio Carlos
2    Barry Adamson - Something Wicked This Way Comes (Edit) - Adamson, Barry
3    Marilyn Manson - I Put A Spell On You - Marilyn Manson
4    Angelo Badalamenti - Fats Revisited - Badalamenti, Angelo (composer)
5    Angelo Badalamenti - Fred's World - Badalamenti, Angelo (composer)
6    Rammstein - Rammstein (Edit) - Rammstein
7    Barry Adamson - Hollywood Sunset - Adamson, Barry
8    Rammstein - Heirate Mich (Edit) - Rammstein
9    Angelo Badalamenti - Police - Badalamenti, Angelo (composer)
10    Trent Reznor - Driver Down - Reznor, Trent
11    David Bowie - I'm Deranged (Reprise) - Bowie, David